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Dear Estonian School Families,

As we agreed during the spring PTA meeting we renamed our classes - Krõllid, Pokud, Lotted, Sipsikud, Naksitrallid, Salaselts, Triinud ja Taavid, Kalevipojad. The teachers chose the names based on Estonian children's books or book characters. That gives us a chance to introduce Estonian literature through reading, storytelling and art projects.

I'm happy to announce that Eda Kaasik agreed to continue as the chair for the PTA.

We are expecting more parental involvement in our school this year. We have such a wonderful community and I know that everyone has potential to contribute in one way or another. Many moms-dads are helping out by teaching a class, some help out in other ways. We want to offer everyone a chance. Teachers created a list of assignments which they have been doing during the last years. Each family with kids older than preschoolers must sign up for at least one assignment. Please contact me if you need more information about the assignments. We also added a monetary contribution as one of the assignments as a compromise but hopefully parents will choose another way to help.

Our library was moved up to the third floor office that the school is sharing with the newspaper office starting this September.

Hellakesed and Hundud are inviting new members to join. Their meetings take place after school. Please contact Ilomai Kurrik (hellakesed - ) või Siim Vanaselja (Hundud - for more information.

And now something special for the parents. Please save the date to celebrate Estonia's 100th birthday on March 31st 2018!


Our next school year days:

September 23
October 7, 21
November 4, 18
December 2, 16

January, 6, 20
February 3, 24
March 10, 24
April 7, 21
May 5, 19
June 2.

We need several teachers for the upcoming new year. Please let me know if anyone is willing to volunteer!



Long Island Estonian School - information Eda Kaasik , e-mail:, telefon: 631-905-6066





NEDY CHAN ( 917-688-8797)
KARINA YORK ( 347-951-2739)


Hellakesed and Hundud invite everyone 5 and older to join them. You can download the registration form for Hellakesed here. If anyone else wants to join, please do so! For more info scroll down and please contact Ilomai or Siim.

Linnutee Lipkond – the Estonian Girl Scout Troop of New York

We welcome all girls ages 5 and older, as well as all parents or existing or former girl scouts who wish to volunteer, to our meetings, which will generally take place immediately following New York Estonian School, in the Blue Room of the New York Estonian House.


No prior scouting experience is necessary.  Meetings will be held in both Estonian and English to ensure that everyone understands and to support the Estonian language and Estonian heritage of Linnutee.

Linnutee is open to all girls and young women whatever their religion, ethnic group, background, or knowledge of Estonian.  Girl scouting develops self-confidence, survival skills, self-esteem, sound values, ability to cope with change, appreciation of others, leadership skills, healthy lifestyles, international understanding, and commitment and skills in service to others.  Girl scouting is about meeting new friends, developing an understanding of teamwork and a sense of adventure, as well as absorbing the importance of taking part in a wider community and reaching out to make a difference, both locally and globally.  Friendships from girls scouts are often lifelong.

Girl scouts are divided into the following categories:

Linnutee is run entirely by volunteers.  Its elder leader is ngdr. Selma Reinpõld and its leader is ngdr. Hille Sork Carpino.  A number of other girl scout leaders will help to run the meetings, including ngdr. Karin Koorits Ashford, ngdr. Linda Kangro and gdj. Ilomai Kurrik.  Your expertise, skills, interests, life experience, enthusiasm and availability are needed!  Without volunteers such as you, Linnutee could not exist.  Please let Ilomai know if you are interested in leading or assisting with any meetings, or assisting in any other way.

Linnutee was founded in 1949 and is the oldest Estonian girl scout troop in the U.S.  The New York Estonian boy scout (the "Viiking" lipkond, founded in 1951) generally meets at the same time as Linnutee.  Viiking is led by Arno Sokk, Elmar Vaher and Siim Vanaselja.  The Viiking and Linnutee troops may occasionally hold joint meetings or field trips during the course of the year.  Linnutee is part of the Estonian Girl Scout Malev in the USA, whose president is ngdr. Leena Kangro. 

There is a summer camp for all Estonian girl and boy scouts in the U.S. every year for a week in Lakewood, New Jersey (at the property known as "Järvemetsa," owned by the Eesti Skaudi- ja Gaidisõprade Seltside Liit USA-s [ESGSSL] and rented by the U.S. Estonian girl and boy scout Malevs).  In addition, next summer there will be a jamboree at "Kotkajärve," the Estonian girl and boy scout camp in Ontario, Canada, to which all Estonian troops in the U.S. are invited.  During the year, there are other scouting activities at Järvemetsa, such as the Christmas celebration and, in the spring, Estonian St. George's Day.  Parents will be notified in advance of all such events and are usually welcome to attend them with their children.  One need not participate in any camp activities in order to be a member of Linnutee.

To be completed by parents.  Please return to gdj.Ilomai Kurrik  Linnutee parents must be members of the NY Estonian Educational Society to support Linnutee's use of the Estonian House.
Daughter(s) Name(s) and Birthday(s):
Parents' Names (please indicate which parent, if any, should be the primary or sole contact):
Primary Home Address:
Parents' email addresses (indicate which parent):
Parents' mobile telephone numbers (indicate which parent):
Do you give your daughter(s) permission to attend the Linnutee lipkond meetings in the New York Estonian House (please check one):  _____ yes                                    ______ no  (Permission for any field trips outside the Estonian House will be sought in advance on an individual basis.)
In connection with the re-establishment of an active Linnutee, we are also seeking the re-establishment of the New Yorgi Eesti Skaudi- ja Gaidi-sõprade Selts [NYESGSS], the organization that for decades represented the NY troops Linnutee and Viiking at the board of the Eesti Skaudi- ja Gaidi-sõprade Selside Liit USA-s [ESGSSL] and would now again do so.  We are asking all parents and other friends and relations of Linnutee and Viiking participants to agree to be members of the NYESGSS. Membership requires no commitment or payment of individual dues, it is simply an indication of support of the NY troops.  As a member, you may receive emails or other communications from time to time, which you may opt out of receiving.  Your name and other information will remain confidential within NYESGSS and ESGSSL. 
Do you agree to be a member of the NYESGSS (please check one):
_____ yes                    _____ no
Linnutee membership dues for the year (Sept. 1, 2014 – Aug. 31, 2015) are $35 per girl (of which $10 is for the troop and $25 is due to the Malev).  Please make out a check to Ilomai Kurrik (please note the name(s) of your daughter(s) on the check) and give to Ilomai in person or mail it to her at:  Ilomai Kurrik, 200 West 108th Street, Apt. #16A, New York, N.Y.  10025.
Please print and sign your name below:
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